YOGA  Looking for a more personalized yoga experience in San Francisco? Combining breath work (pranayama), core strengthening, and slow, steady vinyasa flow powerfully linking one pose to the next, Jordanna guides your practice in a way that’s just right for you. Whether you’re moving through an injury, pregnant, stiff, tight, stressed out, brand new to yoga, or on a mission to improve your current practice, a custom-designed private yoga session will build a solid foundation of combined strength and flexibility enhanced by supportive alignment cues and amazingly nourishing hands-on adjustments. Delight your spirit while you’re sweating it out in deep flow.

Session duration:      1 hour

Individual Session        $150
5-pack                              $500
10-pack                            $950
20-pack                         $1,800
30-pack                         $2,550
Semi-private                     $75
House or hotel call       $160