PILATES  Developed during WWI, this precise, fluid system of movement was designed to coordinate breath with kinetics, or energy in motion, while rehabilitating the body. Today, these dynamic exercise sequences are routinely performed to strengthen the core and lower back, improve postural alignment, and lengthen and tone the muscles of the arms and legs. InTouch SF combines classic pilates with modern twists to keep you on your toes. Each class is uniquely challenging, uplifting and energizing with built-in sculpting progressions to evolve your practice. 5-10 individual sessions are recommended prior to attending mat classes to secure a reliable foundation for the technique.  

Session duration:  55 minutes

Individual Session             $150
5-pack                                   $500
10-pack                                 $950
20-pack                              $1,800
30-pack                              $2,550
Semi-private                          $75
House or hotel call            $160