InTouch SF provides selective, on-site acupuncture services as well as corporate pilates, yoga and barre classes designed to maximize work performance and enhance client well-being. Jordanna readily offers innovative health solutions to the open-minded San Francisco workforce.

Having an efficient and productive organization is of little value if it functions at the expense of increased employee occupational stress. InTouch Wellness for the Workplace mitigates work-related stress by specializing in services that aim to reduce illness and physical debilitation. An in-depth acupuncture or workout energy boost intentionally enhances a client’s performance capacity, adding great value to both small and large scale business operations. Weekly on-site sessions are the perfect supplement to the fast-paced, stress-laden corporate work week many urbanites willfully endure.

For pricing inquiries, please contact:  646.234.4840  ~  j@intouchsf.com