“20 Minute Ab Fusion” is an express workout blending the best of pilates, yoga and barre work for a challenging, fluid and innovative core sculpting experience. Easy to follow, this downloadable workout can be done anywhere in the world! From home and office to hotel and foreign land, all it takes is a comfortable surface and a mat to get down to a killer good ab workout that truly delivers in rapid time. Welcome to your new core.

“Booty Express” is an on-the-go workout toning your entire backside. This sequence blends the best of pilates, yoga and barre work for a seriously amazing booty burning experience. Each move has been carefully crafted to target the muscles that need it the most. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll lift and firm your cheeks, define those hips, and strengthen your lower back. Grab your mat, and get ready to toast your buns.

"Quick Tone Arms + Legs" is an express workout designed to sculpt, lengthen and tone your appendages without building bulk. Check out some of your favorite moves from pilates, yoga and barre classes seamlessly woven into the workout with fresh new material meant to motivate, strengthen and dazzle the novice, the veteran and every other on-the-go fitness fan in between.

"The Super Series of Five" blends the classic pilates series of five with Forrest yoga-inspired core work to deliver one amazing ab strengthening sequence in minutes.