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Join Julie Down, Fawntice and InTouch SF's, Jordanna Dworkin, for a powerful weekend of shamanic ritual and ceremony.

Release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Build tools to create consciousness and self-awareness. Enjoy yoga and movement. Restore with shamanic healing, soundscapes and acupuncture.


So often, the day-to-day currents swirl at such a rapid pace that there is hardly time for reflection. For thousands of years human beings have used retreats as a time-out to create lasting positive change.

Step away on scenic retreat and examine your inner life in a focused, supportive workshop environment. We will investigate our current habits of mind and learn tools for breaking negative thought-patterns that cause daily suffering. We will engage in shamanic rituals and healing practices to create new pathways for contentment. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a shamanic healing or private acupuncture session.

The retreat will be both an individual and community experience. The first half will focus on uncovering patterns that keep us stuck in our lives. This will include various exercises through mindfulness, as well as self-exploration in the form of journaling. We will share some of this reflection in order to build self-awareness and learn from others’ experiences. Throughout this process we will  practice yoga and movement. This portion of the retreat culminates in a fire ceremony, where we will release the behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us.

With new space cleared, the second half of the retreat will be devoted to determining what to create in place of what we have released; that which will enrich and empower our lives. We will end our time together with a Despatcho, an ancient Peruvian prayer ceremony.

On Friday evening, there will be a sound healing with Fawntice Finesse.


The pricing ranges from $675 – $900, depending upon room selection.  The price for each room includes:

  • Participation in the 4 day workshop
  • 3 nights’ accommodations on private Ojai retreat grounds
  • Delicious organic meals 
  • Access to on-site hiking and swimming 

Shamanic healings must be scheduled in advance and payments made directly to the shaman. Shamanic healing releases old imprints enabling transformation to occur more quickly with profound lasting effects. Please email Julie regarding setting up an appointment.  

Private acupuncture sessions will be offered throughout the retreat.  InTouch SF will create customized treatments based on individual needs.  This is the perfect way to integrate the physical and emotional waves that may arise during the weekend or to simply relax and recharge.  Please email Jordanna regarding scheduling your session.



If you need to cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund less a $200 cancellation fee.